In the bustling cities of Canada and the vibrant landscapes of Bangladesh, our small but mighty team first came together, united by a shared vision. It was a vision sparked by an unsettling contrast we observed.

Our founder, upon arriving in Canada, was taken aback by the exorbitant prices of clothing. The disparity was glaring when compared to the far more affordable clothing he had known in Bangladesh (2nd largest garments export in the world). Brand logos, it seemed, were the sole justification for such high price tags. Beneath those logos, the reality was that these garments were often made in places like Bangladesh and India, where workers received only a pittance for their labor.

This realization ignited a spark in us, a spark to disrupt the fashion industry's status quo. We envisioned an online clothing store that upended this model - a place where customers could acquire high-quality clothing at honest prices, while also making a significant difference in the lives of the less fortunate worldwide.

Thus, in May 2023, Smile Sparker was born. But we went beyond our initial idea of offering generous pricing. We chose to place the power directly in our customers' hands, empowering them to pay what they deemed fair.

At Smile Sparker, every purchase is not just a transaction. It's an act of sparking joy and making a difference. With every piece of clothing you buy, you aren't just adding to your wardrobe - you're adding to the number of smiles in the world. You become more than just a customer. You become a Smile Sparker.

Our journey has only just begun, and we invite you to be a part of it. Together, let's spark smiles across the globe and redefine what it means to be fashionable.


  • Explore Our Curated Collection

    Browse our exclusive, handpicked selection of top-quality USA made and imported clothes. Each piece is chosen with care to ensure your unique style shines through.

  • See the Cost, Set Your Price

    Transparency meets freedom in our unique pricing system. We share the cost price and invite you to set the price you wish to pay, making high-quality fashion accessible for all.

  • Extra Goes To Spark Smiles

    Your shopping becomes a force for good. Any payment above the cost contributes to global charities, offering life-changing resources to the less fortunate.

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Your choices translate into tangible change

Making a Difference, One Style at a Time

Since our inception in May 2023, Smile Sparker has been a beacon of change in the world of fashion. With over $700 donated to various global charities and more than 10 trees planted, every purchase made at Smile Sparker translates into real-world impact. And this is just the beginning!

Meet the happy hands behind your stylish apparel

Ethically Sourced, Compassionately Crafted

We're committed to responsible fashion. Every piece we sell is ethically sourced from trusted partners who ensure fair practices and sustainable production. When you wear Smile Sparker, you're supporting a global network of artisans and workers who take pride in their craft.

Nature smiles too

Fashion for a Greener Tomorrow

Our commitment extends beyond just sparking smiles on people's faces. We understand the importance of nurturing our environment, the ultimate source of all smiles. That's why for every order placed, we've partnered with One Tree Planted to plant a tree.

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